CFR Film Table Commander  v.1 24

CFR Film Table Commander is a graphical, interactive software utility which allows you to view, edit and create Polaroid Color Film Recorder Film Tables. This gives you full command over the color output of your Film Recorder.

Life Ahead Program  v.2 12

The advanced Life Ahead Computer Program and Lifeahead Web Site tell about Cardiofitness as measured as the CFR and how to manage fitness from exercise.


ElproLOG ANALYZE  v.1.01.0100

elproLOG ANALYZE QLS is the software package for qualified systems. This software helps you comply with the provisions of FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GMP, GAMP4, GLP and Annex 11.

Consolidated Fiscal Reporting System  v.16.0

Consolidated Fiscal Reporting System can be used to create or modify both Calendar Year and Fiscal Year reports (CFR's, Budgets, etc), back to 2002-2003 (or 2003 calendar) and can be used for CFR's up to Calendar 2010 (and Budgets and Quarterly's up

Remit  v.5 1

REMIT is a PC software package designed to assist NRC licensees in meeting the occupational radiation exposure reporting requirements of the Revised 10 CFR Part 20.

Life Ahead Computer Program  v.3 20

The free Life Ahead Computer Program is believed to provide a most advanced-yet analysis of how diet and exercise can develop up to 15 more years of healthy days to an average US life. Many can enter a usual daily diet in a few minutes.

CyNote  v.1.4.1

Laboratory notebook using version control system and independent date-time stamping (as notarization), in order to ensure record accountability, auditing, and conforming to US FDA 21 CFR 21's rule on electronic records.


Keep track of employee training with this customizable database. TRAIN TRACK allows you to assign required trainings by department, job title, individual employee name, hire date, or any combination, and exclude individuals. It allows you to


ActiveQuality is a solution for companies involved with Quality (ISO 9000), Environmental (ISO 14000), Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18000), other Standards, and Compliance Management, often as implemented through the relevant ISO internation

IPAK  v.1. 1. 3222

The Infometrix Product Access Kit (IPAK) is a suite of components that forms the foundation of the current generation of Infometrix software products.

The Life Ahead Program  v.1.0

Life Ahead computes how risk of major diseases can develop or regress at each age of life as a result of various influencing factors. A user first enters information about exercise, diet, and other habits.

LogTag Analyser  v.

LogTag Analyzer software provides an easy to use powerful platform for configuring any LogTag recorder product before deployment and for data analysis when the recorder is retrieved.

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